• Hardline Products HOUR/TACH Meter has all the convenient features of the Hour Meter plus a tachometer function to monitor engine rpm
  • Suitable for all single and most twin, two or four cycle gasoline engines
  • Also usable on stick-type coils or older generation ignitions
  • Fully automatic run time
  • Functional to 9000 rpm
  • Firing pattern of 1 spark to 1 rpm
  • 1 year limited warranty

Hardline Wired Hour/Tach Meter HR-8061-2

SKU: HR-8061-2
  • Easy installation
  • offer two different meters. The Hour Meter, which shows the hours the engine has ran and the Hour/Tach meter that displays the engine running hours and RPM as well when the engine is running.
  • When the engine is off the meter shows total hours accumulated.
  • Both meters’ display can be read at all times, with engine off or on.
  • The encapsulate epoxy case is water resistant and shock proof.